What are our Specialty Treatments?

Specialty treatments offer a higher level of technical expertise to target very specific concerns. These treatments are more intensive and will require a special consultation beforehand, to assess the client’s eligibility. They also require a specific facial protocol beforehand to ensure the skin is properly prepared to best receive the treatment, so you can get the most out of this experience.

These are excellent options for those looking to treat persistent skincare problems (such as acne or scarring) or to reach a little closer to flawless skin (anti-aging).

Ask about our Lifestyle Package, which we can customize to combine any of our specialty therapies to create a skin health program tailored for your needs. It can focus on facial treatments or combine facials with body work using LPG Endermologie for a holistic treatment plan. We can look at quarterly visits, monthly visits or anything in between. The goal is to work with your schedule, your budget and your skincare priorities.


Our Specialty Treatments List

Prices for each treatment will vary depending on a variety of factors.
Details can be discussed during your consultation.



Intense Pulse Light laser treatment (also known as photo-rejuvenation or photofacial) uses intense pulses of light aimed below the epidermis. Blood vessels and collagen are targeted, causing them to restrict, reducing wrinkles and redness on the surface. This is an excellent anti-aging treatment to address fine lines, hyper-pigmentation and texture.

Downtime is anywhere from one to three weeks. Generally, the more hyper-pigmentation (brown spots) you have, the longer the downtime. During this time you must protect your skin from UV rays to prevent further sun damage while your skin is in healing mode. Apply sun protection with a minimum of SPF 30.

Some may find this an uncomfortable procedure. It will feel like small rubber bands snapping at your face repeatedly – uncomfortable but definitely tolerable. Your facial will end with a healing masque and serum, so rest assured your face will be soothed by the time you leave.


The pico laser is named after the picosecond, which is one trillionth of a second. That's how long the pulse duration is. Using dual wavelengths, this technology is able to shatter pigmentation in a picosecond.

There are different systems for delivering this therapy and at Touch of Joy, we've partnered with PicoSure®, which is the pioneer in pico technology. With PicoSure, we can target pigmentation almost anywhere on the body with few limitations. We treat melasma, sun damage, post-surgical scars and even bug bites; we reduce pore size and wrinkles; we remove tattoos.  

And this isn't just for the face - we've treated discoloured underarms and bikini areas, backs and legs. This technology is incredibly nimble and versatile, and highly customizable.

Most people find the experience anywhere from relaxing to slightly more intense than IPL. But your therapist will work quickly and we do offer a directed cooling air system that helps offset any immediate discomfort.

The PicoSure is available for single treatments although we recommend the Pico Facial (two hours).


Radiofrequency (RF) facials will tone, tighten and contour, so they’re excellent for “lifting” areas of the face and body that you’d prefer were a little more taut. You can treat your face to create a more sculpted look (lift the apples of your cheeks, tighten loose skin around the neck, etc.) or treat your entire body to mimic 5,000 hours at the gym (flatter stomach, smoother legs, etc.).

The process involves applying a conductive gel over the target area and then passing a conductor over to work its RF magic. The sensation is warm and otherwise entirely pleasant and pain-free with no downtime. Results from a single session can last up to a month, but with repeated monthly visits, your muscle memory will allow you to retain results for up to a year or longer (i.e. you’ll only need a single session annually to maintain results).

Ask about our Lifestyle Package, which we can customise to combine any of our specialty therapies to create a skin health program tailored for your needs. It can focus on just RF treatments or combine them with facial treatments and LPG Endermologie for a holistic treatment plan. We can look at quarterly visits, monthly visits or anything in between. The goal is to work with your schedule, your budget and your skincare priorities.

We offer two radiofrequency facials, detailed below.



If this sounds familiar, it’s because this is the secret weapon many celebrities swear by before big red carpet events. Venus Freeze uses multi-polar radiofrequency combined with pulsed magnetic fields to painlessly send a therapeutic heat matrix over the skin that causes a thermal reaction, stimulating the skin to create new collagen and elastin fibres. This is a non-invasive, comfortable procedure that results in skin tightening, wrinkle reduction and cellulite smoothing.

Venus is best done on a weekly basis and optimal results are achieved after six treatments for the face, eight for the neck and 10 for the body. While you won’t see instant changes with this procedure (your body needs to process a full cell turnover before revealing results), it’s an extremely effective and popular option.


Sublime combines two forms of energy (bipolar radiofrequency and infrared light) to target and remodel the dermal layer of the skin. It stimulates collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin production, leaving skin plump, toned and contoured. Like other radiofrequency treatments, results are cumulative so the more you often you treat, the longer the results last.

Sublime is best done on a monthly basis and while results are instantaneous, optimal results are achieved after 3-6 sessions.


The name might sound technical (also known as sublative), but all you need to know is that this is an impressive anti-aging facial that will reduce wrinkles (crow’s feet, laugh lines, etc.), fade hyper-pigmentation (age spots, sun spots, etc.) and smooth over surface scarring (acne, post-surgery, etc.).

Using laser to deliver heat into the dermis, this treatment triggers the body’s own healing process to promote new growth and replace affected areas with fresh, healthy tissue and collagen. The outer layer of the skin is completely unaffected. Because this is based on your own natural skin cell turnover, you’ll need about three weeks to see full results.

This one will hurt, no way around it. Even with numbing cream, your face will get warm from the laser and you’ll feel a sharp prickly sensation. After your treatment, your face will feel like it’s sunburned, which will last about three days. Down time is one-two weeks, during which you must protect your skin from UV rays to prevent further sun damage. Apply sun protection with a minimum of SPF 30.


If you feel as if you’ve tried everything else to combat persistent acne, blue light therapy is definitely for you. Blue light works by killing the bacteria that causes acne in the first place. You’ll need several weekly sessions for best results, but improvements are often fast and significant. This is a non-invasive, safe and comfortable procedure.


Thermocoagulation will remove unwanted skin anomalies and imperfections. It's ideal for telangiectasia, skin tags, cherry angiomas, ruby points, keratosis and broken capillaries and vessels. It works by placing a fine filament (thinner than a strand of hair) on the pin-pointed area, directing micro bursts of high frequency energy to coagulate the blood, often with immediately visible results.

We can treat almost any of the skin anomalies listed above, anywhere on the body - from the waist up. We don't us thermocoagulation on spider veins or any other conditions that occur below the waist line because the natural pressure of being upright will often compromise results.

This is a minimally invasive treatment with patients reporting only very minor discomfort. A single, small skin anomaly can be treated in under 15 minutes.