Do you provide
on-site services?

No, unfortunately we’re not able to come out to your home or event. But we know some amazing makeup artists we’re happy to recommend.

What is the parking situation?

For underground parking, Best Buy and Save-on-Foods have garages are across the street. Otherwise, metered street parking is available on 6th Avenue in front of the clinic. If you anticipate being here longer than two hours, we suggest paying for your first two hours in cash, then topping up with your phone for additional time.

Can you host a private party at your clinic?

Yes! We’re happy to host up to six people in your party and can offer a range of treatments to suit your schedule and budget. Please email us or call for more information.

How long will the results of my facial last?

While we promise that you’ll leave Touch of Joy with skin that’s primed and treated to function at its best, how long those benefits last depend on a variety of things, including your lifestyle. We can’t control the skincare products you use at home, whether or not you use sun protection (always!), how much alcohol you drink (less!), how much water you don’t drink (more!), etc.

It also depends on how long you’ve been in our care. The more facials you’ve had with us over the changing seasons, the better we’ll understand your specific skincare needs.

I have sensitive/reactive skin. Can I still get a microdermabrasion or a peel?

Yes, with a well-trained therapist, you can safely have these procedures done. Every client’s skin has different considerations, so we’ll simply assess your skin on the day of your facial and adjust the protocol accordingly.

The only time we would suggest not having these procedures is if your face is sunburned or if you are currently or recently finished a course of medication such as Accutane.

What is your Lifestyle Package?

A Lifestyle Package is a customisable program that includes a variety and progression of treatments that will work with your lifestyle – your schedule, your budget, your skincare goals.

Ideally, we’d like to work closely with our clients for a year, to get to know your skin as it changes through the seasons. Also, because your lifestyle choices greatly impact your skin’s health, if you’re already working with a nutritionist, personal trainer, etc., we’re more than happy to coordinate your therapies at Touch of Joy to maximise benefits all around. This is especially true if you’re considering LPG Endermologie, since we can help reinforce positive cellular memory in tandem with your workouts.

But a Lifestyle Package doesn’t have to include LPG Endermologie. It can be entirely focused on a specific skin concern, treatment of a condition or far more general. Chat with one our therapists about this option and learn how much better your skin can be in just one year.

Lasering… is it going hurt?

Truthfully, yes. Depending on your pain threshold, it can feel like tiny rubber bands snapping or something more intense. For those that prefer, we’re happy to apply a numbing cream before treatment. It will take an additional 30 minutes to take effect.