Basic Facial $250

A facial at Touch of Joy is a thoroughly personalized experience. Just as there is no standard skin type, there is no standard facial here. The clinic’s philosophy in skincare means that each facial is tailor-made to meet every client’s specific skin concerns, treating short and long-term issues.

Every facial will begin with:
- Skin analysis
- Deep cleansing and steaming
- Exfoliation and extractions (if needed)

And every facial will end with:
- Nourishing skin booster
- Detoxifying massage
- Hydrating serum
- Sun protection (if needed)

What happens in between is entirely dictated by your skin’s needs. There are 26 facial options that your therapist can use, treating issues ranging from brightening to resurfacing to tightening.

Please allow a minimum of 1.5 hours for facials (longer if you have specific concerns you’d like Joy to address). Facials start at $250 with extra add-ons at an additional cost.
It’s best to come in for a complimentary consultation with one of our therapists to determine exactly what your skin needs!

Ask about our Lifestyle Package, which we can customize to combine any of our therapies to create a skin health program tailored for your needs. It can focus on facial treatments or combine facials with body work using LPG Endermologie for a holistic treatment plan. We can look at quarterly visits, monthly visits or anything in between. The goal is to work with your schedule, your budget and your skincare priorities.

For facials that use more intensive procedures (such as laser, oxygen or
radio-frequency), please refer to our Specialty Treatments.
Specialty treatments have their own specific protocols and the techniques used are often more complex, requiring a separate consultation and, thus, cannot be added to a customized facial without prior discussion.

There are plenty of options to customize your facial to treat a variety of concerns.
Some of Touch of Joy’s more popular add-on treatments are described below.


Designed to complement your facial, these specialty treatments will help correct, prevent, heal, and boost the skin’s natural functions. The results are clearer, brighter, smoother skin. Every facial skin analysis will determine which facial add-on treatment(s) will best address your skincare goals. 


This resurfacing technique uses a diamond-tipped wand to gently yet effectively exfoliate the skin, leaving it softer, smoother and brighter. You’ll notice that fine lines and wrinkles are diminished, age spots and hyper-pigmentation are faded and light scars are smoother. This can be used on specific areas for a targeted treatment. 


Collagen is what keeps skin plump and youthful. We have plenty of this precious protein as children, but as adults we naturally slow down our production of collagen. This can lead to wrinkles, folds and a general downward shift of facial features. This treatment will help revitalize your complexion by giving your skin a boost in radiance and youthful fullness.


A mild acid is applied to the skin in order to remove the damaged outer layers of the skin and to encourage fresh, healthy skin cells to the surface. You’ll feel your face get warm and a little bit tingly – that’s the acid working. A neutralizing solution is applied to stop the reaction once its work is done. This is ideal for treating damage caused by overexposure to the sun – sunspots/freckles and fine wrinkles – but is also an effective way to treat acne scarring. The result is smoother, brighter, more even-toned skin. No recuperation period is necessary for this treatment. 


Light Emitting Diodes (LED) are used to treat and correct a variety of persistent skin conditions. Depending on the wavelength (i.e. the colour, anything from red, green, blue, yellow, etc.), the LED can destroy acne-causing bacteria or stimulate collagen production and improve the skin’s natural barrier function. This is a gentle, non-invasive therapy that has no down-time. A typical light therapy facial will take an additional 30 minutes.


This therapy encourages the growth of new skin cells including collagen, so it’s a very healing procedure. It’s also particularly good for sensitive skin due to the very gentle and non-invasive delivery system.

The oxygen that’s being used has been fortified with vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and minerals. This is directed to the lower levels of skin tissue to replenish oxygen-starved cells. As such, this treatment is especially good for people who are exposed to pollutants like tobacco smoke, which robs cells of oxygen.

Skin appears firmer, fuller and supple. Effects are noticeable immediately but because of the healing nature of this facial, you’ll continue to see improvements in the coming weeks as collagen fibres begin to improve the elasticity in your skin.