IPL: The Perfect Cloudy Weather Treatment

Another great treatment this time of year is IPL. While non-ablative is more about resurfacing (i.e. texture), IPL is better at treating hyperpigmentation (i.e. sunspots) and redness. There’s still downtime involved and the more brown spots you initially have, the longer the downtime. That’s because IPL is like a super slougher and will “lift” your hyperpigmentation to the surface before it’s naturally exfoliated away.

The reason why fall is such a great time for IPL and non-alative treatments isn’t just because more people find it easier to take time off, but it’s because the UV index is much lower. These treatments will leave your skin in a baby-fragile state, which needs to be diligently protected from the sun. Even in the fall or winter, you must use very high, broad-spectrum sun protection for several weeks following treatment.

Of course, it’s also the perfect time to start IPL treatments because holiday season is just around the corner!  Our clients are already talking about Christmas parties and winter holidays. You’ll want to schedule these treatments early enough so you have time to fully recover and look your best when cameras are out in full force!