Black Paint

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When I was in Japan a few weeks ago taking a course in Kyoto, I discovered this product called Black Paint, which I’m so excited about! It’s all natural, charcoal-based and contains 25 essential oils. It is absolutely brilliant for pulling out the impurities in your face.

It’s black, because of the charcoal, and is kind of like the consistency of paint. You can put it on your entire face or just targeted areas and after one minute you can see it working and clearing out your pores. Because it contains so many oils, you have the oil (paint) + oil (face) action happening – it’s incredibly effective for attracting and clearing out the excess oils on your face.

I love that a purely natural product is so effective! In Japan, so many of the people I talked to who had truly beautiful skin, said they had a very uncomplicated, all-natural skincare regimen. They used flowers, leaves, roots, bark – so many amazingly powerful ingredients found in nature.